Web Presence Builder

Important: The Web Presence Builder is outdated and no longer supported. Please note that we can not provide any assistance for this tool.
  • You have an account at console.online.net
  • You have a web hosting account
  • You have subscribed to the option Web Presence Builder
Web Presence Builder is currently only available for WEB hosting offers, not for Cloud hosting offers.

Web Presence Builder is an utility developed by Parallels, providing an interactive and easy way to build your website. There is a multitude of templates available, covering all needs for a personal or professional website.

Access to the application

You can access the application from your console. Click on “Website Builder” on the left.

If you have not yet activated the option for your webhosting, you will be promoted to activate it. Follow the instructions to activate the option on your hosting.

Create a site

Once the option is activated for your webhosting, you can create a site. Simply click on the button Create a new site and you will be redirected to the interface of the Website Builder.

You can now select a category, matching your needs, to be used for your website. Edit the contact information (these are pre-filled with the information from your Online.net account). You can also edit the content of your site using the interface.

At any time, you can return to the console by clicking the button Return to Control Panel.

Modify a site

Changes to your site are saved permanently, even if it has not been published. You can edit your site from the console by clicking the button Edit the site. You will be redirected to the editable interface and see your site with the latest modifications.

Creating a new site

It is not possible to edit multiple sites in the same hosting. If you have an existing site, the creation of the new site will destroy the current site.

Deletion of a site

The deletion of a published site must be done manually by connecting to your FTP account. All content of the folder “/www” has to be removed. You will be able to republish your site again as the site remains available in the Website Builder.

FTP access is no longer available when the Web Presence Builder is activated. You have to terminate the service if necessary.

Useful tips

To avoid errors when publishing your site, it is recommend not to have any files in the “/www” folder in your FTP account, as these may block the publishing of your site/

You must have a webmaster FTP account that is pointing to “/www”. The console will display an error message if that is not the case.

It is required that PHP version 5.4 is activated for your hosting. If you don't know which version you have, contact the assistance which can make changes if necessary.

By activating the Web Presence Builder your FTP access will automatically deactivated. You won't need it because all publishing tools are integrated in the application.