SSH access to your cloud hosting cloud hostings allow now to connect to your account using SSH.

It allows you to synchronize your code with Git or to execute scripts for example.

SSH access is provided using a dedicated container, with your data available in the directory /ftp.

The container will be destroyed once you have disconnected. It will not be possible, to add - for example - CRON jobs using the SSH access.

Following you find the list of packets installed in the container:

    - vim
    - nano

    - git
    - mercurial
    - subversion

    - rsync
    - lftp

    - p7zip
    - xz
    - zip
    - unzip
    - imagemagick

    - sqlite
    - mysql-client
    - postgresql-client

    - php-cli
    - php-common
    - php-curl
    - php-gd
    - php-gmp
    - php-imap
    - php-intl
    - php-json
    - php-ldap
    - php-mcrypt
    - php-memcache
    - php-mysql
    - php-mysqli
    - php-odbc
    - php-openssl
    - php-pdo_mysql
    - php-pdo_odbc
    - php-pdo_pgsql
    - php-pdo_sqlite
    - php-pear
    - php-pgsql
    - php-phar
    - php-pspell
    - php-soap
    - php-sqlite3
    - php-xmlrpc
    - php-xsl

Don't hesitate to contact the technical assistance, if you need a specific package.

Authorize a SSH key

To authorize a SSH key to access your cloud hosting, you have to add the key to your account as first step.

Then go to the administration of your hosting:

Click on Manage SSH keys in the menu on the left:

You can now see the available SSH keys in your account.
To authorize a key, click on Authorize this key:


Once you have authorized your SSH key, you can connect to your account with the following command: ssh

You have to replace HOSTINGID with the ID of your hosting.

Once you have connected, you will find yourself in the directory /ftp, where all your sites are stored!

Revoke a key

If you don't want a certain key to be able to access your hosting anymore, you have to revoke it.

To do this, you have to access the SSH key management section in your console, like if you want to allow another key.

Once you can see the list of keys, you have to click on Remove this key.