Scheduled tasks (CRON)

What is a scheduled task?

Scheduled task allows you to download an url at a date and time specified in advance, or in a cycle defined in advance.

This allows you to schedule various administration and maintenance operations by calling a script (for example sending a weekly report, or deleting sessions every night, etc., etc.).

Setup a scheduled task

To setup a scheduled task you need to follow the following steps:

  • Configure your Hosting plan :

  • Click on “Scheduled Task”

You are now in the configuration of the scheduled tasks.

  1. Enter the URL to download (example: http://www.mondomaine.ext/mon_script.php)
  2. If the access to your file is protected by a .htaccess file enter the login and the password
  3. Enter the time at which the URL will be downloaded (* for all hours, or a fixed time)
  4. Enter a day at which the URL will be downloaded (* for all days or a fixed day)
  5. Enter the month at which the URL will be downloaded (* for all months or a fixed month)
  6. Enter a valid email address to which the report of the execution will be sent


To execute a script each 1st of the month at 6 AM:

Hour : 06
Day : 01
Month : *

To execute a script each hour:

Hour: *
Day: *
Month: *

Limits and restrictions

  • 0 scheduled tasks for Personal hosting accounts
  • 10 scheduled tasks for Pro hosting accounts
  • 50 scheduled tasks for Business and Cloud hosting accounts
  • Only for URLs pointing to servers
  • No more than 3 http redirects
  • The scheduled tasks will be deleted when the domain is no longer hosted at