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What is the logcenter?

The logcenter allows you to visualize in real-time the error logs of your hosting. This allows you to diagnose quickly problems linked to your code.

How to access it

You can access it at the following link: logcenter

  • To create or modify your password for accessing the logcenter, you have to connect yourself to your Online console and go to Hosting > Manage > Statistics and logs:

  • Then go to the log file section:

  • You will be able to connect yourself now by entering the domain name of your site and your password:


  • access.log : Shows the access logs of your pages in real-time
  • log_language : Allows to display the errors generated by the code of your site
  • autoscroll : Allows the automatic scrolling of the informations
  • autoresize : Windows will be resziezd automatically to the size of information