Add a domain name as alias

On our web hosting offers, you can link an additional domain name as an alias to your website. For example, you have the domain name '' and, and you want that the same website is visible at both domain names.

On CLOUD hosting offers, you can configure additional domains directly from the management panel of your hosting offer.

Go to the management console of your webhosting, then click on Hosting> Manage.

On the status page, you will see a button that allows adding a domain name: Add domain

Click on that button to be redirected to the domain name search form. Enter your domain name and click on Search

If your domain name is not yet registered you will be able to order it. If it is already registered and with another registrar, you can transfer it to online.

If you just want to link it with your web hosting package, click on Hosting only:

In the list of hosting offers, click on Hosting Alias:

Then choose the principal hosting, to which the domain will be linked, from the drop-down menu and click on Order at the bottom of the page.

Accept the Terms and Conditions (1), the special conditions for shared hosting (2) and validate your order (3).

If you want to redirect from one web hosting to another, you can do this with an HTTP redirect.