How to recover the header of a mail?

The header or header of an e-mail contains important information about where and how an e-mail was sent before arriving in your mailbox. You can compare it to a stamp and the added postal information on the envelope when you send a letter in the mail.

In some circumstances, the header may contain information required by technical support. The way to retrieve this information may be different depending on the email client you are using. Following you can find the information for the clients:


To retrieve the headers of an email in Thunderbird click on the mail concerned in the list of mails, In the preview screen click on Others and then Show the source:

A new window will appear and you can copy and paste the headers of your mails.


To view email headers in Gmail, sign in to your account, open the message, and click the small arrow pointing down in the upper right corner. Choose “Show Original” from the menu that appears.

The mail headers will be displayed in a new window.

Outlook 2016

To retrieve headers in Outlook 2016, you have to open the message by double-clicking on it in the messages list.

In the message window, click on File, and then click on Properties to see the headers.

Once you have clicked, a new window appears and you can copy / paste the headers from the “Interenet Headers” section.

Outlook Web Mail

To see the headers of an email in the Outlook Web Mail interface connecting to your Microsoft account, then click the mail of which you want to retrieve the headers.

Click on the small arrow pointing down. In the menu that will appear, click on View Message Source. A new window will appear and you will be able to copy / paste the headers listed in the “Internet Headers” section.

Mail for MacOS

To retrieve the header of an email in Mail for MacOS, open the application and click on the email of which you want to get the headers. Push Cmd+Shift+H on your keyboard. The header will appear in the message window as follows:


To view the email headers in Zimbra, log in to the web interface and click on the mail you want to see the headers for.

Click the Actions button, and then click on Show Original. A new window will appear and you can copy / paste the mail headers.