Configuration of your e-mail address on Windows Phone (8/8.1)


This tutorial will help you to configure your Windows Phone 8 smartphone with an email account of a cloud or web hosting at

Please note that the images are indicative and may look slightly different depending on the software version of your smartphone.

  • Go to the settings of your phone, then to email+accounts.

  • Click on “Add an account”.

  • Select the type of the account: “Other account (POP & IMAP)”

  • Enter your e-mail address and password, then launch the connection

  • At a fist attempt your phone is trying to find the servers details by itself. If it failes click on “retry”, then on “advanced”.

  • Select the type of the account: “Internet E-mail”

  • Enter the name of the account (as you like), your name and firstname, the incoming mail server and the type of the account

  • Then enter the user name (your complete e-mail address), the password and the outgoing mail server

  • Now click on “Advanced parameters”

  • Verify that the 4 checkboxes are activated, then click on “Connect”

Now your account is setup on your smartphone.