Configuration of Outlook 2010


Where to configure the e-mail account?

The configuration of an e-mail account is done in the following interface:

General configuration

Below you can see the general configuration of an e-mail account:

To configure the SMTP and IMAP ports, you have to click on Additional parameters

Which protocol is used for sending your emails?

The default protocol used for sending emails is SMTP. It requires the configuration of an authentication.

Which protocol is used with which port for sending and receiving emails?

We recommend to use IMAP protocol, especially if you are using multiple devices for accessing your emails (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc, …).

For IMAP you have to use the server > and the TCP port 993 with the connection type SSL
For SMTP you have to use the server > and the TCP port 587 or 465 with the connection type TLS

Testing your configuration

You can test the connection to your account by clicking on Test account settings