Statistics of your hosting


With each of our WEB hosting offers, we offer the possibliliy to visualize the statistics of your website (number of visits, number of unique visitors, bandwidth used, etc…).

Access to the statistics

To access your statistics, go to the “Hosting” section of your console.

Then, “Manage” your hosting:

Finally select the statistics section of your console:

You will se a page similar like this:

Now you just have to Click on the link to access your statistics.
To access the statistics, you have to set a password at first. If you have not done this yet, you can set it on the same page.


Set a password

Once you are on the main page of the statistics, you will have access to a form which allows you to update your password. Click on “Reset password” to see it.

To change or set the password, you have to enter it twice, then confirm it by clicking on “Edit account”.

We recommend you to use differend passwords for your services.
The password for accessing your statistics should not be the same as one of your other passwords.

Usage of the password

Once the password is set, you are able to access your statistics as described before.

Once you try to access your statistics page, you will be asked for the password to get access to your statistics:

Use the password you have previously set.

Understand your statistics

If you are connecting for the first time, it is possible that a more or less empty page will be displayed. In this case, click on the “Refresh” button on the top right side. Depending on the amount of data to process, it may take several minutes before all statistics are available.

(1) : Selection of the period of analysis (a month of your choice, by default it is the current month).

It allows you to display the statistics of a specific month.

(2) : The current analysis period. This will indicate which period the current statistics analysis refers to.

(3) : Details of the visits/visitors.

You are able to see:

  • The amount of visits
  • The amount of different visitors
  • The amount of pageviews
  • The amount of hits
  • The bandwidth used

(4) : Monthly history.

This information give you a summary of the activity of your site during each month of the current year (see '3)).

These information are only part of the data provided by our statistics page. Here is a complete list of other available information:

  • Detailed statistics on selected days of the analysis period
  • Detailed statistics on the days of the week of the selected analysis period
  • Detailed statistics on hours of the chosen analysis period
  • The most frequent visitors
  • The most common robots (SEO, etc …)
  • The duration of visits
  • The most used file types
  • The most downloaded files
  • The most viewed pages
  • Operating systems being used to view your site
  • The most used browsers to view your site
  • The origin of the users
  • The keywords / key phrases used to access the site
  • The most returned HTTP codes

Access to the log files

We provide complete access to the access log file of your site (access.log)

This allows for interested parties to have access to raw data about visits of your site.

You can find the connection details on the main page of statistics, in your console.

They are as following:

  • FTP host:
  • User: webmaster@domain.tld
  • Password: Your statistics password | More information

The files can be accessed using a FTP client.
Don't hesitate to read our documentation about FTP clients in case of any need.

Remember to replace “domain.tld” with your domain name (for example:

Attention, even if the username to access your log files is the same, the access is different from the main FTP account. This causes that your password is different too.