Configuration of iWeb

How to use iWeb easily with the FTP Server of the web hosting

As for the other upload software, it requires the configuration of an FTP account.

To do this you have to click on ”Hosting” > “Configure” > FTP accounts”.

There you can either use the default FTP account or create one (if your offer permits it)

/!\ Attention /!\
It's important to enter all required information in iWeb.

Remember, you need to upload your website in the folder www if you want to make it accessible by typing your domain name with or without www

If your FTP account shows the directory / after connecting, you need to upload your files to the folder www. If you find yourself already in the /www you can directly upload your files.
In iWeb you have to click on “File”>”New site”>”Select”, then click on the site in the sidebar and choose “FTP Server” and “Publish on”.

You will find yourself on the following page:

In “Address of the server”, you have to put the FTP server of Online, namely

In “User name”, you have to enter your identifier for the account, which can be found in your management console.

In “Password”, you have to enter the password corresponding to your account.

In “Path/Folder” :

  • Leave it blank if your account is configured to enter /www directly.
  • If your FTP account directs you to “/”, you have to enter “/www”.

The protocol and the port remain unchanged.

Have fun uploading your website!