WEB hosting

What is a web hosting package?

A web hosting package is a series of services that allow you to host your website and receive emails.

Once your hosting is created you are able to access your website (http://www.example.com) and create personalized email addresses (myname@example.com).

Managing your hosting services such as your domain names, your websites, emails and your databases is done from the management console.

What is the price of the offers?

Three different WEB hosting packages are offered by Online:

You can view the offers and price comparison on the WEB hosting page.

At Online.net, the domain name is included with your WEB hosting.

What services are included?

Our web hosting offers include:

  1. A domain name
  2. A configurable web hosting
  3. The management of your emails, including antispam, antivirus and filter systems
  4. Unlimited sub-domains
  5. A FTP account to upload your website
  6. At least one database

The space for storing your web pages, the number of email accounts and databases vary between different hosting offers.

You can check the characteristics of the offers at the comparison of the WEB hostings.

How do I host my website at Online.net ?

You can order your hosting together with your domain name at the management console.

The different steps are explained at the page about ordering a domain name.

Once your order is complete, check out the web management page how to put your website online.

How do I transfer my domain name from my current provider to Online.net ?

If you already own a domain name and have a website, you have two options:

  • transfer your domain name and your website
  • transfer only your website

We recommend to purchase your hosting package with the transfer of your domain name in the management console.

The different steps of the order are described on the page about the transfer of a domain name.

How long does it take until my hosting is active?

The activation of your hosting package and its services is done in less than one hour, however it may take up to 24 hours until your domain name is reachable.

If you have registered a .FR domain name it may take a bit longer.

How do I renew my web hosting?

You can renew your web hosting from the renewal page in your management console.

If you need more information, you may consult the documentation about the renewal of a domain name.

Is it possible to order a web hosting without a domain name?

A web hosting has always to be connected with a domain name.

If you already own a domain name you can host your website at Online.net without transferring it.

It is not required to transfer your domain name to host your website at Online.net.

The domain name is included in your hosting package

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