Management of FTP accounts

FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is a protocol that allows you to transfer files between different computers over the Internet.

It will allow you, as part of a web hosting, to transfer your files from your computer to the servers of - to do an update of your website for example.

It will also work vice-versa: You can recover the files stored at to your personal computer, for example to make a backup.

FTP accounts

In order to offer you maximum safety and to avoid that everyone has access to your data, FTP accounts are created to differentiate between different users and their data.

With your web hosting package you can create one or several FTP accounts to access your files at

The files visible on your website (www.yourdomain.tld) are located in the folder “/www” of your FTP account.

The advantage of having multiple FTP accounts is to have the possibility of personalization of the filesystem paths.

If you, for example, create a folder test to avoid mixing the content with your website, you can restrict the access to this folder for the person who is in charge of making changes to it, without giving access to your sensitive data.


In order to assist you in all the account management process, we prepare various tutorials.

In a first step, we invite you to the tutorial about FTP Configuration, which explains how to create / modify / delete a FTP account.

We also invite you to our tutorial about FTP clients, to learn how to transfer files using FTP.