FTP Configuration

What is FTP?

  • The File Transfer Protocol is, as its name says, developed for the transfer of files in the internet.

To UPLOAD (copy, put online) your site using FTP, you need:

  • A FTP client (program to upload your files)
  • A hostname (addresse of the serveur)
  • A login name
  • A password

Connection information

To connect to your account you need:

  • A host
  • An user name
  • A password

For the Cloud offers the host is ftp://ftp.cloud.online.net
For the Web offers the host is ftp://ftp.online.net

Create an account

  • Go in “Hosting > Configure”

  • Then go in “FTP Account”.

  • You can see the form for creating the FTP account now. You need to enter three values:
    • the user name
    • the password and its confirmation
    • the path

The path has to be a directory already existing on your FTP.

Once you validated your entries, you will see your FTP account in the account list with the status 'Waiting to create'.

Your account will be activated in about one hour.

When you are connected to your FTP, you will see the following folders:

awffull (contains your old access statistics, if they were activated)
www (should contain your website)
logs (contains your old access statistics, if they were activated)
UPLOADER_VOTRE_SITE_DANS_LE_REPERTOIRE_WWW (this directory has no special reason, it's just a reminder)

:!: Remember that your website is located in the folder /www on the FTP server. You have to upload all content of your website into this folder.

Limit the access to an account

At first you will have to create the folder you want to gain access to (example: client) in the folder www (the one containing your site)

In your management console you can now go again to FTP accounts menu, In the text field Directory of your new account you have to enter /www/client/

The syntax /www/directory/ is very important to ensure your account will be working

Change the password of an account

You only have to click on “Reset my password” enter both, your new password and its confirmation, and confirm your change.

Click on the link and enter your new password

After the validation of your changes, you will see the status of your account has changed: Currently updating . (Duration: 1hour max.)

Deletion of an FTP account

You only have to click on the red button DELETE. (Duration: 1hour max.)

**This modification will not delete the data on the FTP server*