E-mails Transfer


E-mails transfer are allowing you to forward the incoming mail on an existing Online.net mail address, to another address of your choice.

For exemple, if you have the following mail address with us: test@example.com
You can, at the same time, receive the mail on Online.net, and have them forwarded to another place, like test@gmail.com.

In some cases, the forwarded mails are considered as SPAMs and are not properly received.
In this situation, we invite you to import the mails received at Online.net from your other mail provider, instead of forwarding them.

Add a Transfer

Go in your Customer Area and "Manage" your Web Hosting

Then click on the add button

Now, select the Online.net mail address, and the final mail address

You can see your transfer is properly created

Deleting a Transfer

In order to delete a transfer, click on the "Delete" button

And confirm the deleting

Your transfer is now deleted!