Management of e-mail redirections


What is an e-mail redirection?

A redirection is an alternative e-mail address for one or multiple email accounts of the same domain.

For example, you can create the alias which will redirect the mail to the personal e-mail account

This allows you to have multiple e-mail addresses without the need to have multiple e-mail accounts. It is also possible to deliver the mail to multiple recipients.

This means for our example, we can get the mail send to “contact” delivered to the email accounts “firstname.lastname” and also to “firstname2.lastname2”

How to create an e-mail alias ?

  • Click on “Hosting” & configure your web hosting

  • Go to the management section for e-mail aliases

  • Click on “add e-Mail Redirection”
  • Enter now the required information for the alias (the name for the redirection and the recipient)

  • The redirection will then be created - this may take up to one hour

  • Once it is activated the yellow dot will turn green

How to add more recipients?

You need simply to repeat the creation of a redirection as described before and change the recipient.

How to delete an e-mail redirection?

  • Start with steps I & II.
  • Click now on the delete button:

  • You will need to confirm your request:

  • The redirection is now scheduled for deletion. Once the redirection is deleted, it will be no more visible in the list of your aliases.