Email filters


What is an email filter?

An email filter allows you to sort your mails depending on different criteria (the sender, the subject, …). If the mail meets one or more criteria you can define different actions (delete the mail, move it into a folder, etc).

Email filters work only on email accounts

Configuration of the filters

New webmail interface

==== BE CAREFULL ====

The creation of filters in the new interface will disable the ones you have created in the old interface. Remember to make a backup before you create the new filters.

Online offers you a new webmail interface where you can easily create filters for your emails.

To manage them, you need to connect to our webmail interface at

Click on « Preferences »

Then click on « Filters »

Filter groups

The new interface allows you to create filter groups. It will allows you to activate/deactivate your filters by groups to make the management of your emails more easy.

You need to know if there is a filter group active. If you activate another filter group the previous one will be disabled.

We recommend to name your filter group different than “console” because this name is used for the default filter group.

To add a new filter group, you need to click on the small “+” at the bottom of the row « Filter groups ». You will be able to create a new filter group then.

The box « Name of the filter group » alows you to name your filter group.

Below you have the possibility to import filters either from a file or from another filter group.


To add a filter you have to click on the small “+” next to « Filters ».

You will then have the opportunity to create the filter through the filter Definition box.

The setting “Filter Name” lets you name your filter.

Below, you have two input fields. The first, “For incoming mails,” defines the requirements for the mails undergo the action selected under “do the following.”

Configuration of an automatic response

You can set up an automatic response on incoming mails. This can be useful if you won't have access to your mails for a while (because you are in holidays for example).

You need to add a new filter:

It is important to allow “ Répondeur ” at “ Antispam ” and “ Antivirus “

Then create the filter with the following parameters:

Then « save ».