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Check your emails

With a mail client

Below you can find the specific documentation for different mail clients:

General connection information

If you are using different devices for accessing your emails (computer, mobile phone, tablet, …) we recommend to use the IMAP protocol.

The POP3 protocol allows the download of your emails and is therefore recommended for the use on a single device.

Protocol Server -WEB- Server -CLOUD- Port TLS SSL Authentication
IMAP 143 (recommend) Yes No Yes
IMAPS 993 No Yes Yes
POP3 110 (recommend) Yes No Yes
POP3 995 No Yes Yes
SMTP 25 Yes No Yes
SMTP 587 (recommend) Yes No Yes
SMTP Not available 2525 Yes No Yes
SMTPS 465 No Yes

If you want to check your emails using the webmail, you should configure your client to use IMAP.