New Cloud Hosting offer, powered by cPanel

Note: This documentation is directed toward all users who dispose of a CLOUD Hosting offer on Scaleway Dedibox (formerly and explains how to migrate from your current offer to the new Scaleway by cPanel hosting offer.

CLOUD Hosting powered by cPanel

cPanel is a website management control panel tool, providing users with a graphical interface and fast access icons which allow the configuration and monitoring of their hosting solutions.

Features like publishing websites, launching databases, creating e-mails, and managing files, which are provided with the classic Scaleway Dedibox CLOUD Hosting offers, are now be available through the cPanel interface with elevated performance.

Note: The Scaleway cPanel hosting interface is currently in Beta.

Additional tools and features are also available with Scaleway cPanel. Among them:

Migrating your Hosting Interface

To migrate to the new hosting management interface powered by cPanel, you must request access:

1 . Log in to the Scaleway Dedibox console:

And the console home displays.

2 . Click on Hosting on the upper menu and a list of your hosting offers displays.

3 . Click on Upgrade to request migration from the classic Scaleway Dedibox hosting interface to cPanel.

A pop-up appears with the message:

Scaleway cPanel provides a graphical interface and fast access icons that allow you to manage your hosting account with maximum efficiency. By upgrading to cPanel, you will benefit from all the features already included in your classic Scaleway CLOUD Hosting offer, plus several new advantages and elevated performance. Please note that the migration will be completed within 2 working days.

4 . Click on I want to migrate to cPanel Beta and your request is submitted to the team responsible for the migration. An e-mail is sent to you to confirm the request.


The classic Scaleway Dedibox webmail interface will remain available via the website:

If you wish to manage your e-mails through cPanel, you can access the webmail platform directly via the cPanel dashboard.

Accessing cPanel via the Console

A link to your cPanel administration interface is available in your hosting homepage. Click on Dashboard to access it:

Getting Started

cPanel Knowledge Base

cPanel provides a knowledge base with documentation pages that help you navigate their different functionalities and features.

If you need help setting up your hosting solution, or have any additional questions, please refer to the index below:

Creating a Website