Linking of additional domains to a cloud hosting

Your cloud hosting supports Multi-Site, this means you are able to link and manage additional domains to your hosting.

Therefore you can host several Internet sites on several domains directly on the same hosting account.

The only limitation are the physical performances of the hosting.

Handy to know: The domains does not have to be registered at
You can use your domain names registered with another registrar and point the DNS zone to

Addition of a domain name

To add a domain, enter the administration panel of your hosting, then click on External domain names:

Now click on Add external domain name:

A window will appear, enter the domain name (without www) in the form, then click on the button to add it:

Click now to the tab Action required to see the instructions of what you have to do to link the domain with your hosting:

Click on Procedure at the end of the corresponding line to see the details:

This will provide you all the elements you need to add to the DNS zone (at your registrar) to connect the domain with your Cloud hosting offer.

The main point is the TXT value, it validates that the domain name is really yours.

Do not use the informations indicated in the screenshot, but the details visible in your console.
These elements may vary depending on your offer.

Following you will see the domain in Scheduled for creation until the TXT value has been validated (this may take from some minutes to several hours).

Once the domain passed in Active, go to Manage in the menu on the left:

Enter the tab Domains without link:

Once the domain has been activated, you will be able to link it with the concerned button:

Finally, once clicked on the button, the domain will be

You will be able to use it now for all your hosting services (creation of mailboxes, FTP accounts, etc…).

Deletion of a domain

To delete an external domain attached to your hosting account, you need to enter the management of external domains, then click on the button Delete:

As indicated in the warning, this will delete all services linked to the domain (website, FTP account, e-mail addresses, etc…).

If you really want to delete it, click on the button: