The backup solution for web, e-mails and MySQL


Because you can never be safe against human failure, a hardware fault, or piracy of your data we offer you a secured storage space, accessible by FTP, containing the backups of your web hosting and your databases. The offer includes:

  • A backup of your website and your databases, once a day
  • Retention of all of your backups during 3 days
  • Retention of a full weekly backup of your site during two months

More information about this option and its pricing is available on the website of

To subscribe to the option go to > Hosting > Configure > Backup

Setup time: Within the hour of your order.

Important: On CLOUD hosting offers, you have to request your backups by contacting the technical assistance.

FTP/SQL backup

The credentials of your backup account are available within one hour after your subscription.

Once the option was setup go to Hosting / Configure / Backup to find the required data.

On this page you can find the required identifier and password to access your backup with a FTP client.

The backups are placed in the root directory and are named by the date of their creation. SQL backups can be found in the sub directory « database_backup »

It is normal that at the first connection to the listing of your files may take a moment.

drwxr-xr-x   24 0        0            4096 Apr 19 12:04 .
drwxr-xr-x   24 0        0            4096 Apr 19 12:04 ..
drwxr-xr-x   30 285254   81           4096 Dec 29 16:43 pf7_2011_03_14_lundi_00h03m
drwxr-xr-x   30 285254   81           4096 Dec 29 16:43 pf7_2011_03_21_lundi_00h02m
drwxr-xr-x   30 285254   81           4096 Dec 29 16:43 pf7_2011_03_28_lundi_00h02m
drwxr-xr-x   30 285254   81           4096 Dec 29 16:43 pf7_2011_04_04_lundi_00h02m
drwxr-xr-x   30 285254   81           4096 Dec 29 16:43 pf7_2011_04_10_dimanche_00h03m

In case of need you can download these data and restore your the data by uploading it to your site using your regular FTP account and your database.

E-Mail backup

Unfortunately there is no standardized format for the export of mails.
Therefore we offer a second dedicated webmail for the access of your mails.

It is available at the following link:

You have to connect using your e-mail address and your usual password.

You will have access to your current mailbox and to your backups.
To restore your old mail, you have to click and drag the backup folders to your current mailbox.