Transfer of a domain name from OVH

To transfer a domain name from OVH you have to unlock it at first.

To unblock it, you have to connect yourself to the manager of OVH.

Step 1: Unlock your domain name

After you have connected to your WEB Manager at OVH, select your domain name from the list on the left. It is locked by default and you need to unlock it to transfer your domain name.

Click “Deactivate” next to “Protection” to enable the transfer of the domain name. It can take up to 30 minutes to unlock your domain name. You will receive an email once it is done.

Step 2: Retrival of the Authcode

Once the domain is unlocked the status will change:

Click on “AUTH/INFO” to get the required authentication code for the domain name. It will be displayed in a new window:

If you have any issues with finding your Authcode in the new manager, you can still connect to the old manager and retrieve the code using the old interface

The Authcode is case sensitive, make sure to take care about any upper and lowercase letters

Step 3: Launch of the transfer

To launch the transfer of your domain name, you simply need to follow the documentation about the transfer of a domain name.