Management of the DNS servers


What is a DNS server?

A DNS server is a program that responds to requests for DNS zones that the administrator has configured.

DNS servers typically operate in pairs, in case the first no longer meets the second will take over.

Which are the DNS servers of Online?

Our DNS servers are the following:

 Primary server:   ( )
 Secondary server:   ( )

If you order a domain name at Online, your domain will automatically configured on our DNS servers. No configuration is required by you.

After a modification of your DNS zone, you need to wait 24 hours before the information are propagated.

Attention: The old servers and are no longer available.
They have been replaced by and
If you have a web hosting with Online BUT your domain name is not supported by Online and you have a website and email problems: Remember of checking your accounts DNS settings at your registrar.

To find the nameservers and the registrar of your domain:

  1. Use an interface like
  2. Enter your domain name in the form yourdomain.ext, without www.
  3. Search for the line 'Registrar' and the values of 'Name Server' or 'nserver' in the result.

My domain is registered with another registrar

Do not worry, you can still use your web hosting at
You will however ask your registrar to make some changes to the DNS zone of your domain.

For a WEB offer

For the website (depending on your choice):


For the mails:

"MX"-Record, Priority "10":
"MX"-Record, Priority "20":

For a CLOUD offer

For the website:

"A"-Record :

For the mails:

"MX"-Record, Priority "10":
"MX"-Record, Priority "20":

Change of the DNS servers

Changing your DNS servers or zone is a function only for experts.

We do not provide any support for web hostings and domain names purchased at if the DNS servers are modified by the user.

To change your DNS servers:

  1. Connect yourself to the management console.
  2. Go to Domain / Configuration of the domain name / Management of the DNS servers

The DNS zone must be configured on the new server before the change in the console.
If you have an error of the type “SOA not found”, we invite you to check this with your provider.