Creation of subdomains for your hosting

What is a sub domain?

A subdomain is like a “sub-name” of your domain.

Let us take for example the domain “”, which is the “main” domain.

A subdomain can be for example “”.

At by default all subdomains of your domain are pointing also to your web hosting, using the automatically generated DNS zone.

If you want to check your configuration, you have to go to the configuration of your DNS zone.

You will see something like the following:

The important point is the one in the red box:

  • Subdomain: “*”
  • Type : “CNAME”
  • IP Address / Hostname:

Creation of a subdomain using the console

The creation of a subdomain using the console is very simple and the recommanded way to do it.

At first you have to connect to the **management console**, then choose the hosting:

Click on Subdomain in the menu on the left:

Here is the list of your subdomains, click on “Add subdomain”

Enter the name of your subdomain and click on “Add subdomain” :

The new subdomain will appear in the list of your subdomains:

After checking the subdomain has been created, you can connect to your FTP account using a FTP client.

In the window on the right hand side you will see the files on the server, the directory where you usually upload your files is “www”. To upload your files into the folder for your subdomain, you have to choose the one named after it:

Creation of subdomains using a FTP client (advanced mode)

It is also possible to create subdomains directly using your FTP client. You have to create a new folder in the document root of your hosting, named after your subdomain:

Now you only have to upload your files into this directory to activate your subdomain!