Domain names

What is a domain name?

A domain name is an unique alphanumeric name used to identify a computer (web- or email server) on the Internet. It translates the numeric address of the computer to a more memorable name.

What is a DNS zone?

Computers connected to an IP network, for example the Internet, have all an unique IP address.

These addresses are numeric because it is easier to handle for a machine. With IPv4 these addresses have the form of, where xxx, yyy, zzz and aaa are four numbers in the range of 0 to 255 (in the decimal systeme).

Whilst these numbers are easy to handle for a computer it makes hard to remember then for a human to access a computer on the Internet.

Therefore a mechanic was deployed to allow to connect an IP address with a more memorable name, called domain name.

The DNS zone links these memorable names with its IP address.

If you want to connect to our website, your computer sends a request to a DNS server, hosting the DNS zone.

This is a file that has the information about the IP addresses linked to a domain name.

For example, the IP address linked to is

To find the associated IP for a domain name, we have to do a DNS request.

For example a

dig ALL domain.ext 

shows all the information about the domain name “domain.ext” using its default name server.


dig ALL domain.ext @server.dns

shows all the information about the domain “domain.ext” that is available at the DNS server specified beyond the @ - “server.dns” in our case.

What is the price for a domain name?

The price of a domain name varies depending on its extension (TLD). You can find the price for all domain names on the Website of

How to renew a domain name?

The renewal of your domain name can be done each year. You can renew it from your management console, namely the renewal section.
Before your domain name will expire you will receive 35 reminders by email, to inform you about its expiration.

If you have lost your credentials to access the management console or are in a rush, you may renew your domain name at the following link:

It is possible to buy only a domain name?

It is possible to buy a domain name without a hosting in the management console.

All our web hosting offers include a free domain name for registration or transfer.

How to transfer my domain name to

You can transfer your domain name directly in the management console.

How to secure your domain at ?

  • Order, renew, transfer and configure as an alias all your domains.
  • Change the contact information of your domain name (email, address, etc…)
  • Launch the change of the ownership of a domain name
  • Modify the information of the DNS zone of your domain name (A or AAAA-records, MX, CNAME, TXT, …)