Purchase of a domain name

To purchase a domain name you need to go to the order page for domain names.

From your Online.net interface

Search for a domain name

Enter the domain name you want to buy and choose an extension then validate your search.

When your search has finished you will see the result if your domain name is available or already reserved.

You can also select from a list of additional extensions.

Hosting of a domain name

If you order a web hosting for your domain name the domain will be offered for free. You can also order the domain name without a hosting by clicking on “No hosting”.

Contact of the domain name

You need to complete the contact information for the domain name. To find out more about this, we invite you to read the documentation about domain name contacts.

Contact form

Summary of your order

You can see a summary of your order before placing it finally. Domain names and hosting accounts can be paid using a credit or debit card, or by check for customers in France.


If you have chosen to pay by card, you will be redirected to the payment gateway.

If you have chosen to pay by check, an order form will be created and you need to send it together with your check to the address displayed. An administrative fee of 19 Euro will be applied to all orders paid by check.