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Domain - Frequently asked Questions

  • What is a DNS zone?

The DNS zone is the roadmap of the domain name.
It contains all the required information to operate the domain on the Internet.

For example, A records will indicate where to find the website.

MX records will indicate where emails should be sent.

  • How much does a domain name cost?
  This depends on the extension and the registrar. offers one of the most competitive pricing on the market.

You can find all domain prices at:

  • How can I renew my domain name?
  Directly from your management console. Click on "Order > Renew" 
  • Is it possible to order a domain without web hosting?
Sure, but in this case you will have neither a website or an email account associated to it..
  • How can I transfer my domain name to
  You need to have the AuthCode for your domain and order the transfer on the web site of

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