Change of the owner

Change of the owner of a domain name

Before you launch the procedure to change the owner of a domain name, make sure all the contact email addresses of the domain are up to date.

  1. Connect yourself to your management console.
  2. Click at “Domains”
  3. Click at the domain name you want to verify
  4. Check the information under “Contact applicant”
  5. Disable the ANTI SPAM feature!!!
  6. If required, click at “Update details”

In the interface, you can launch the change of the owner

 lien transfert de propriétaire

Select the domain name

Choose the domain name

Type of change

on which account

At the end of this procedure, depending on the registry, an email can be send to both, the old and the new owner of the domain, and you are required to click on it.

Without validating the link the change of the owner will not be validated!!

To make sure the change of the owner has been done successfully, you can verify it at the following site: If the future domain owner does not have an account at, you need to create one at first.

Once the account is created,

  1. Connect yourself to the management console
  2. Click on “Order” and then at Change of the owner
  3. Follow the steps displayed on your screen

For the extensions .com/.net/.org/.info the validation will be done upon the registry received your request.

For the extensions .fr/.eu/.be, it is REQUIRED that you give your validation in the emails sent by the registry.

Web hosting

Once the change of the owner has been confirmed by our administrative department, you need to do a backup of your FTP and SQL data, as well as of your emails in the old account. Then cancel the service at the following link

Some minutes after your termination request (when the service will be no longer visible in the old account) you need to :

  1. Connect yourself to the management console with the new account
  2. Order the domain with a web hosting
  3. Wait some minutes for the delivery of the service
  4. Reconfigure the FTP access, the SQL databases and your email mailboxes and upload your backup to put the site back on line.