Installation of a Plex server (Streaming Audio/Video)


Plex is a streaming server that allows you to remotely view your audio and video files in your browser, like Youtube.

In a first step, you need to create a free account with them:

Installation of Plex

To download Plex, you need to go to their site:

Plex is compatible with all kinds of devices. Here we concentrate about the installation on Linux.

Therefore click on “Computer” and select the version depending on your operating system (Ubuntu / Fedora / CentOS - 32 or 64 bits).

You can copy the download link to make a wget from your server.
The following examples were made with Ubuntu 14.04.

Connect your self with root rights to the server using SSH and download the packet:


Install the packet:

sudo dpkg -i plexmediaserver_0.

(You can delete it when the installation is finished)

Once the packet is installed, your PLEX will be available on your IP at port 32400:


Open the link in your browser.

You can now connect using the username&password previously created.

By default the folders of your computer are not accessible.

You need to connect to your Plex “from local”. As you are not on the same network as your server, you need to connect to it using a SSH tunnel.

You can do this via the command (Cygwin for Windows, the terminal for Linux/OS X).

ssh 195.154.xx.xx -L 4242:localhost:32400

Now you can access your PLEX with your browser by typing: http://localhost:4242

Once you are connected you can start to configure your server:

  • Connect your Plex account
  • Change the interface language to your preffered one
  • Specify the folders which Plex should analyze
  • etc …