Usage of the RPN-SAN on a server running Windows Server

The RPN-SAN is an iSCSI target, it is possible to mount it in Windows Server 2012 to use it as a normal disk in the system.

At first, find yourself in the server manager and click on “Utilities → iSCSI Initiator”

The initiator is not activated by the default on the system start. If you start it for the first time, you will be asked if you want to start it during the system start. Click on yes.

Now click on the tab “Discovery” to add an SAN server.

Once this is done, return to the tab “Targets” to select the target you want to connect. Select the target and click on “Connection”.

The target will then be connected to the server. But it will be an unformatted disk, and we can not do anything with it right now.

Go to the Server Manager to create a partition table and a file system. Open the Control Panel and search the tools.

Now go to “Computer Management” then “Disk Management”.

The disk will be “offline” by default, we have to switch it “online”

The system will propose the type of partition table to use. For a 1 TB SAN, keep the default choice. If you have a larger SAN, select GPT, Windows can't handle partitions larger than 2 TB with anything except GPT.

Then, create a partition with a file system (NTFS).


Now click on “Next”, then “Finish”. Once finished formatting (in about 10 minutes using quick formatting), the hard disk drive should be accessible from the server manager as a regular disk: