Connect a Dedibox to the RPN-SAN

Allow servers to connect to a SAN

It is required to authorize the server(s) that are allowed to connect to a SAN.

You have to go to the following page and to click on Manage next to the corresponding SAN:

To do this, go to the Administration of a RPN-SAN and add the number of the server(s) for the specific SAN in the corresponding fields:

After you have validated the form with Save you will find the server attached to the SAN in the console:

Some SAN endpoints may not be reachable directly from the RPNv2 and it is required to configure an RPNv1 gateway to use them with RPNv2.

Adding a SAN to a RPN group

Some SAN's require to be added to a RPN group.

The distinction can be made via the message that can be seen in the administration of the SAN:

You must create or add your SAN RPN in an RPNv1 group with your servers

It is therefore sufficient to create an RPN group with the desired server and the desired RPN-SAN at the following page:

Once validated, the RPN group will look like this: