Migrating to our new network

Why do we migrate ?

In order to constantly increase our network quality and to deliver more services day by day, Online.net decided to migrate every server subscribed before the month of September 2013 on our new network.

This network brings real improvement in term of performance (bandwidth, latency) in France and specially outside France.

From September 15th 2014 to October 15th 2014, ALL IP addresses of servers and failover IPs in the ranges 88.190.xxx.xxx and 88.191.xxx.xxx will stop working on the Dedibox / Online network.

What kind of help is provided in order to migrate easily?

This documentation treat every step you'll have to follow in order to migrate your server to the new network on each OS Online.net proposes.

In addition to this documentation, you may contact IP migration technical assistance in order to have more informations in case of need by opening a ticket.


Documentation for IP migration

This page is outdated and does only concern servers which are not yet migrated to new network