Migrating your server to our new network

The network migration is finished since October 2014, all of our network is migrated and the IPs in 88.190.*.* and 88.191.*.* doesn't work any more.

This page resumes the migration status of all your servers and services to our new network, offering you a significant performance increasement.

Migration has to be done in two steps, without interrupting your services :

- Pre-migration : your new IP address and our new network is available as a Failover IP on your server.

- Migration : Switches the status of the previous IP and the new IP. The new IP will become the principal IP of your server. The old one will become a Failover IP linked to your server.

In case of need, you may contact our IP Migration technical assistance by opening a support request ticket.

Detailed two steps


As indicated previously, the first step main goal is to have the new IP (from the new network) delivered for you to be able to integrate it to your software configuration before migrating on the new network.

It won't create any problem as it only creates the new IP which will be attribuated to your server. You may launch this step without worrying for shutting down the network on your server as it won't block anything existing.

You may launch it following this method :

You'll have to click on “Servers”, then click in the menu on “Network Migration”.

You'll then find a list of all servers and IPs you currently own. You'll have to tick the services you want to migrate and then click on “pre-migrate” in order to obtain new IPs.

You may select multiple servers before clicking on the “pre-migrate” button.


As you already launched the pre-migration, you'll be able to migrate to the new network.

Migration consists in adding the new IP address as an alias of the current IP address, as if you would add a IP Failover. As soon as it will be done, you'll have to migrate your services to the new network. Finally, you'll have to come back to your Online.net Console panel in the migration page, where you'll be able to tick the concerned services and click on the “Migrate to the new network” button in order to use the new network on your server.

You'll just have to launch a DHCP on your network interface for the new IP to be fully functional.
The new DNS servers to put in the file /etc/resolv.conf are: and