Backup of your dedicated server

No one is sheltered from an equipment failure or a human mistake.

Theses issues can be the cause of an equipment failure :

  • Equipment breakdown
  • Human mistake or malicious act
  • Corrupted files

A 100GB FTP space backup is provided for free with each Dedibox server.

Dedibackup FTP

With the dedibackup solution you have 100GB or 750GB of space for backing up your server.

You can find more information on the Dedibackup page.

RPN Rsync Backup

With RPN Rsync, you have a backup space that you can exploit with the RSYNC. synchronisation protocol.

More informations on RPN RSYNC page.

RPN SAN HA backup

RPN SAN-HA is a storage solution, performance-oriented and available using iSCSI over the RPN network. You can use the LUN iSCSI SAN-HA directly on your virtual machines (VMWare compatible).

The storage is replicated between our data center DC2 and DC3, which means, in case of a failure, the service continues and guarantees the durability of your data.

You can find the documentation here: RPN-SAN