Backup-storage Dedibackup


The Dedibackup storage is a remote storage to back up your data.
Currently there are two offers:

  • storage capacity of 100 GB (included in the offer, without additional costs)
  • storage capacity of 750 GB (as option, for €4.99 [excl. VAT])
The service is limited to 1000 files with both options. It is recommended to use archives when backing up your data.

Technical presentation

The system is based on two platforms: DC2 and DC3. The servers hosted in DC2 are backed up in DC3 and vice-versa.

Each platform is based on a storage cluster that is distributed redundant 1:1, consisting of 35 active nodes that are providing 75 TB of capacity. The available bandwidth is 10GBit/s on each site and redundancy is ensured by the systematic presence of a spare item for each active element

All in all this is 150 TB of storage capacity with 20 Gbit/sec of traffic available.

Activation of the backup service

  1. Access your account at,
  2. Select the Dedibox for which you want to enable backup
  3. Click on Backup,
  4. Choose the size of your backup space
  5. Confirm your order

Your backup space has been activated!

To cancel a backup space, click on your login name > My account > Services Click on the red X next on your backup space to cancel it.

Access to the backup space

You can access your backup space after its activation.

FTP Parameters

Name of the server
Port 21
Login sd-serverid (ex. sd-1234)
Password the password you typed during activation

You are not limited in number of simultaneous connections. The use of FTPFS is not allowed

Attention: Upload is not possible from an IP outside the Dedibox network.


The following commands are allowed:



  • Autologin : If you activate this function, you can log in without password into your account (automatic authentication based on your IP address and MAC address). With this feature you can avoid transmitting your login information unencrypted over the network. Once this feature has been activated in your account use the user auto and an empty password to connect.

Note: The connection attempts (successful or unsuccessful) are stored in your Dedibox management console in real time.

Error messages

  • 500 Not accepted: Problem while establishing the DATA connection. Verify your firewall configuration and try to use passive mode.
  • 502 Command not implemented: The used command is not implemented on our servers. This causes disconnection from the server.
  • 500 Service Dedibackup temporary unavailable, try again later: The backup system is currently not available or in locked for maintenance.
  • 500 Impossible to get the IP, try again later: Contact the support. An internal verification routine of your account has blocked your account.
  • 500 Your account is currently in maintenance, try again later: Your account is in maintenance. It is recommended to retry to connect after 15 minutes.
  • 500 Communication error, try again later : Internal malfunction, contact the technical assistance if the problem persists.
  • 500 Communication error at the identification, try again later : Internal malfunction with the authentication server, contact the technical assistance if the problem persists.
  • 421 Configuration problem, try again later : The configuration of your account is incorrect. Verify the configuration of your account in the management panel, contact the technical assistance if the problem persists.
  • 553 Upload forbidden from an IP address external of the Dedibox network : The usage of the STOR command is not allowed from outside of the Dedibox network.
  • Too many files: [….] won't be saved, make tarballs. : The limit of 1000 files on your Dedibackup account was bypassed. It will not be possible to add more files, you have to delete some old files before uploading new ones.

In case of a failure during authentication (wrong identifier and/or password), connection failure of the access control list (ACL) or failure of the automatic login from an unauthorized IP, the connection will be systematically terminated with the message 421 Service not available

Archiving on C14

It is possible to send the content of your Dedibackup directly into a C14 archive, to have the possibility to store your data during a long term and to free disk space on your Dedibackup.

This allows you to have always the latest backups available directly on your backup space, but also to keep your older backups in archives.

You can find the presentation of the service here: Presentation C14

You can choose in which data center you want to archive your data (Storage platforms) and the service level you prefer (C14 offers)

Once you have clicked on the [ARCHIVE] button, you Dedibackup will be locked to avoid any modification of your data during the operation.
It will be available again once archiving has completed. No data on your Dedibackup will be deleted, they will only be archived.

Remember that this may take some time depending on the amount of data to transfer.