Getting to your server

After the delivery of your server, you need to start by installing it. To do that, connect yourself to your console and go to: Server > Server list > Manage

On this page you can reboot your server, launch an installation or put it into rescue mode.

The button iLO, iDRAC or KVM over IP allows you to access the supervision utility of your server and to launch its KVM to observe your system: KVM

From the menu on the left, you can access the different services for your server:

On the right hand side, you can find some buttons to perform actions on your server:

  • Reboot : To launch the physical reboot of your server
  • Rescue: Allows you to boot your server using a LIVE system to perform maintenance actions on it. Several types are available
  1. FreeBSD 10.1 64 bits, use this if your server is running FreeBSD,
  2. Unbuntu 12.04 or 14.04 64 bits
  3. Windows PE 3.0 32 or 64 bits and 5.0 64 bits
  • iLO, iDRAC, ou KVM sur IP: Allows you to create credentials for your servers KVM
  • Install: Allows you to install your server with an operation system of your choice, from the ones available for your server: By usage

And now?

Once your server completed its installation, you can connect to it using your preferred method: SSH (Secure Shell), x2go, or others.