Basic use of your server


Connecting to your Dedibox

When you have installed your Dedibox with an Operating system of your choice it will be ready to connect yourself using SSH (Secure Shell).

On Windows Computers you can do this using the software PuttY. If you are using a Linux or Mac computer, you can connect yourself directly from a terminal with the command ssh user@your.ip.addr.ess.

How to use the shell

By default, there is no graphical desktop available on a server, instead you run all commands in text-mode in a shell/terminal. The shell is very powerful, it allows you to create files or folders, delete them etc…

The most basic commands required to configure your server can be found in our tutorial about tutorial about basic Linux commands.

If you prefer a graphical desktop on your Dedibox, you can install one of our |Desktop orientated distributions and connect to the server using the X2Go Client.

Installation of software on your Dedibox

When you have installed your Dedibox, only a SSH server and the operating system is installed on the server. You can start to install the software you require. There are several packet manager available, depending on your distribution. A packet manager is a tool that helps you to install and remove easily software on your server.

For example it is called APT on Debian/Ubuntu.
On CentOS/RedHat you have YUM.
And on SuSE Linux it is called YAST.

We have prepared some tutorials about the most common usage cases of a dedicated server:

Backup your Dedibox

As you are responsible the data on your server, we recommend to make backups regularly. Each Dedibox can order Dedibackup option with different disk sizes. This is a secure FTP storage where you can keep your backups.

You can automatize your backups for example with Backup Manager.