Force a disk check


When you restart your Dedibox with the command reboot, it is possible that your file system will be reset to default. This has the consequence of not being able to start your Dedibox.

You can verify it by connecting to KVM/IP of your server (if available).

Attention in case of a serious problem on your file system, the fsck can worsen the situation.
You do these manipulations at your own risk.

Connect yourself to your server in rescue mode and type the following command to switch to root:

sudo su
(enter the password of the rescue mode user)

Now, to check your disks,

for i in `seq 1 9`; do fsck /dev/sda$i;done

It is normal that you will see certain errors, especially about your swap partition which can not be checked. You will also have errors about partitions that do not exist, this is normal: The test tries to check the partitions sda1, sda2, … sda9, of which maybe not all are existing on your system.

In case of any errors in your file system they will be repaired automatically.

Once the check has finished, click on “Reboot in normal mode” in your management console to reboot the server.