Disable boot errors using iDrac

Connect yourself to your servers iDrac:

  • System (on the left)
  • Console/Media
  • Launch virtual console

Note: To use the virtual console, your computer needs to have Java installed www.java.com

Your server will boot until it gets “stuck” showing the following line:
“Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the system setup program”

Click in the KVM window, then press F2, this will allow you to enter the BIOS of your server and to do change the configuration. Move with the arrow keys until you reached the line:

  • F1/F2 Prompt on Error

Press on:

  • The space bar to change the value to > Disable
  • Press ESC to get the prompt asking to save your modification to the BIOS
  • Press Enter to save the changes you made in the BIOS

The server reboots and you can watch the boot process in the KVM to make sure the server loads the OS correctly.