Change the bootloader configuration


The example below explains how to reinstall the booloader “grub” and/or modify its configuration.

It is the bootloader that is used by default on all Linux distributions installed by Dedibox

The example uses the partition sda1 for /boot an sda2 for / (It's default partitioning)

Connect yourself to your server in rescue mode and mount your partitions.

Edit your GRUB configuration file then,

cd /mnt/sda1/boot/grub/
nano grub.cfg

Hint: If you have installad a new kernel and it does not work, change the value of the kernel in the bootloader used by default. “0” relates to the first choice. Often a change of the value from zero to “2” lets you reboot on a previous kernel.

You can follow that link about grub configuration.

Once you have finished the modification, click on “Boot in normal mode” in your account to restart your server.