Dedicated - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I move a dedicated server to a different account?

It is not possible to change the owner of a dedicated server or to move it to another account. If you want to have a server in a different account, you need to order a new one in the other account, install/configure the new server and transfer the data from your old to the new server. Then cancel the subscription of the server in the old account.

How can I change the offer?

It is not possible to change the price of an existing offer. keeps the right to eventually change its commercial offers.
To benefit from a new pricing, you need to cancel your offer and subscribe to the new one.

I just ordered my dedicated server, but I don't have access to IPMI

This is normal. Before you can use your IPMI (KVM/IP), you need to do a first installation of your server via our console (with the OS of your choice)and to wait one hour after the installation. You will be able to access the IPMI then.

How long are I committed to keep my server?

Currently offers a monthly billing only.
So you are committed by month.

I want to cancel my server, what are the conditions? invites you, as part of our T&S, to request the termination of your server on the 20th, or before, of each month to have the subscription terminated on the 1st day of the following month. A termination done on the 21th day of the month will be effective on the 1st of the month after the following.


  • I request the termination on June 20th, my subscription will be terminated on July 1st.
  • I request the termination on June 21th, my subscription will be terminated on August 1st.

Where can I find the credentials for connecting to my server in rescue mode?

After rebooting your server in rescue mode, the credentials are automatically displayed on your servers status page.

If required, you can find them by clicking on “Server > Server list > Manage”.

Where can I find my invoices?

All your invoices are accessible in PDF format directly from the billing section of your account:

I received an abuse. What shall I do?

If you received an abuse, somebody complained about one of the activities of your server.
This may be the sending of SPAM, or brutefore attempts from your server against the server of someone else.

If you aren't the origin of this activity, it is likely that a security flaw exists on your server and that someone has exploited it.

You need to check the reason for the abuse in your console: Then reply to it within 48 hours after it has been opened.

The content of the abuse will help you to know what caused the problem, so you can solve it.

Why is my server blocked (Outgoing flood)?

If your server has abnormal behavior on the network, it will automatically shut off.
This can be for example a packet flood (an enormous amount of packets sent in the same time), an outgoing DDoS attack started from your server, problematic DHCP or ARP requests, etc…

In this case, you server will appear with a disabled network port or as being blocked for outgoing flood.
To unblock the server, you need to contact the support.

I have a problem with my software, can help me? does not offer outsourcing services. Therefore, we have several certfied outsourcing partners who can help you with the configuration of your software, if required.

You can find all information to contact them for a quote if needed at: