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-====== Windows Server on Suchard based servers ====== 
-{{:fr:dedicated-server:operating-system:distribution-server:windows-essentials-2012-18-700x393.jpg| }} 
-The servers developed by Online Labs, named **Suchard**, forming the PERSONAL 2016 range, have a specific installation of Windows.\\ 
-As these servers have no integrated graphics cards, Windows can't be installed normally on this type of server.  
-Therefore we have to virtualize Windows in a XEN VM. 
-This implies a reservation of 1 GB RAM of the hypervisor host. \\ 
-Concerning the network configuration, you will notice a configuration using a private IP address. Your Windows is running in a VM. 
-All ports are forwarded directly to the VM, except for port 22 which is required by the hypervisor.