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-====== Distribution Archlinux ====== 
-Arch Linux is a Linux distribution build on the principle to remain as simple as possible.  
-Arch Linux is an OS independently developed and based on the GNU/Liunx distribution which provides the latest stable versions and lost of the software. 
-The default installation is a minimal system to be configured by the user depending on his requirements.  
-It was created by Judd Vinet and represents the following three points:  
-  * Remain simple and light 
-  * No graphic utilities 
-  * Users can contribute as they want as they are not forced by limitations of conceptional ideas or philosophies  
-===== Versions ===== 
-  * ARM  
-  * i586  
-  * PowerPC  
-  * ARCH BSD  
-  * Arch Hurd  
-More information is available at https://www.archlinux.org/