Distribution SeedBox

This distribution has reached its end of life and is no longer available for installation.

The SeedBox distribution is based on Ubuntu 14.04 and includes automatically an rTorrent client (a command line torrent client) and an ruTorrent web interface for making the usage of rTorrent easier.

During the installation, you have to enter the ruTorrent password:

As you can see on the screenshot, a “Panel password” is requested and will allow you to connect to ruTorrent.

The user name will be entered in the field above, here “torrent”.

Once your seedbox is installed, you can access it at : http://sd-xxxxx.dedibox.fr/rutorrent/

Usage of the SeedBox

Once your SeedBox is installed, its usage is very easy.

Adding a torrent

To add a torrent, click on the icon in the left corner on top of the page:

You will now being asked for the torrent file.

You can add a label (to organize your files) and specify a different location for your file being downloaded to.

Enter the torrent file and add it. You can now see if your file is being downloaded or if the download has already finished.

Delete a Torrent

To delete a torrent, right-click on it, then choose “Remove”:

Recover your files

To download the files to your computer, the most simple way is to use FileZilla. You can download it from the official site.

Once installed, open it then click (in the top left corner) on “File > Site Manager” and add a site:

Enter the connection information you have specified during the installation of your server.

Then click on “Connection”. If you have any warnings, validate them.
Once connected you will see a list of the files on your server on the right.

The folder for your downloaded files is “Downloads”.
You can download them directly to your computer by double-clicking on the file you want to transfer.