Multimedia server: Plex & SeedBox

This distribution has reached its end of life and is no longer available for installation.

Plex is a streaming server that allows you to remotely view your audio and video files in your browser, like Youtube.

This automatized installation, allowes you to download files using your seedbox and watch them directly in your Plex Media server.

To make sure the transcoding of the videos does not cause any problems, we recommend at least the Dedibox XC SATA for the usage of this distribution:

Management of your SeedBox

The SeedBox distribution is based on Ubuntu 14.04 and includes automatically an rTorrent client (a command line torrent client) and an ruTorrent web interface for making the usage of rTorrent easier.

During the installation, you have to enter the ruTorrent password:

As you can see on the screenshot, a “Panel password” is requested and will allow you to connect to ruTorrent.

The user name will be entered in the field above, here “torrent”.

Once your seedbox is installed, you can access it at :

Usage of the SeedBox

Once your SeedBox is installed, its usage is very easy.

Adding a torrent

To add a torrent, click on the icon in the left corner on top of the page:

You will now being asked for the torrent file.

You can add a label (to organize your files) and specify a different location for your file being downloaded to.

Enter the torrent file and add it. You can now see if your file is being downloaded or if the download has already finished.

Delete a Torrent

To delete a torrent, right-click on it, then choose “Remove”:

Recover your files

To download the files to your computer, the most simple way is to use FileZilla. You can download it from the official site.

Once installed, open it then click (in the top left corner) on “File > Site Manager” and add a site:

Enter the connection information you have specified during the installation of your server.

Then click on “Connection”. If you have any warnings, validate them.
Once connected you will see a list of the files on your server on the right.

The folder for your downloaded files is “Downloads”.
You can download them directly to your computer by double-clicking on the file you want to transfer.

Plesk server


Once the server is installed you find the link to access it directly in your console:

Once you are connected, you need to sign up:

Enter all information of your account:

First steps

Once you have created your account, you will see the home page of your media server:

By default no folders on your server are accessible.

You have to connect to your server “locally” to enable it.

With Putty (Windows)

Putty allows you to manage your SSH connections on Windows, as it does not has a native client.

To open the tunnel, start with opening Putty.
On the start page, enter the address of your Dedibox, a session name (as you like), then click on save.

Now go to the menu on the left, enter the “SSH” section, then “Tunnels”.
Enter “4242” at “Source port”, then 'localhost:32400' at “Destination”.

Click at “Add”, then go back to the start screen of Putty. Re-click at “Save”, then at “Open”. It will ask you now for your login and password (defined by you, during the installation).

Once you have entered it, it will open an SSH session. Now open the following URL in your browser: http://localhost:4242/web

You will have direct access to your Plex server now.

By command line (Linux / Mac OS X / Windows)

You can do on the command line using (Cygwin on Windows, the terminal on Linux/OS X).

ssh -L 4242:localhost:32400

Now you can connect to the server using your browser: http://localhost:4242/web

You will see again the home page of your server.
Go to the settings by clicking on the icon in the top right corner: 
Click on “Server” & connect with your previously created account:

You are now connected:

You can access your Plex from:

Change the language of the interface

By default the language settings of Plex are set to English. But you can easily change it:

Click on the settings button in the top right corner:

At“Language” select your language, then click on “Save changes”:

Here you are, Plex will be now in your language.

Add a library

To allow Plex automatically display your files to stream, you have to have libraries.

You can add one or several, depending how you like it.

To add a library click on the “+”-icon on the homepage:

Now select the type of your library, here we use “Movies” :

Select now the folder containing your multimedia files. Generally it is below the folder “Home”. Here we use the download folder of the user, generally in the form like: /home/user/Downloads

Click on “Add” then “Add a library”.

Your Plex will now analyze the folder and display the files you can watch online.

You can repeat this option as often as needed, if you want to separate it between movies, TV series, music, etc.

More information can be found in the official Plex documentation: