Owncloud is a personal cloud service, offering the functionality to store and synchronize your files.

The installation is based on Debian 7 and administration is done in the same way. You can connect to the server using SSH with the login and password you have specified during the installation.

Access to the application

After the installation in your management console, Owncloud will be available at the following URL: http://sd-xxxx.dedibox.fr/owncloud (replace sd-xxxxx with the number of your server). Don't worry about the security warning that may appear on your screen. This is because the certificate is self-signed and does not affect the security of your connection.

You will be able to login with the login admin and the password you have specified during the installation.


The installation is based on Debian 7, the procedure for updates is the same. The update will be done using the following commands if you are logged into SSH:

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

This will also update the Owncloud application.


The official documentation is available at the following address: http://doc.owncloud.org/server/7.0/user_manual/

Technical details

The Owncloud application is installed in the following directory:

The webserver used is nginx and the configuration can be found in the file:


The password for the user root for the MySql server is the same as the one you have specified for your Owncloud application (panel password).

In case of problems

If the service is not working after the installation you can check the content of the file /var/log/owncloud_install and contact the technical assistance.