is a system to simplify the administration of your server.
It allows you to manage easily, from a web interface, the following services:

  • Your FTP accounts
  • Your WEB sites
  • Your e-mail accounts
  • And much more…

It is a mayor player in hosting and the most common administration panel in the world.

Licensing offers you to manage your licenses in the control panel.

Pricing is available directly on our website:

If you already have a monthly billed license from another reseller, you can transfer it to

License management is done directly from the control panel:

You can directly request a transfer or order a new license for the IP of your choice (IP failover or the servers main IP).

Two different license types are on offer:
  • cPanel & WHM Dedicated (Dedicated Server) ⇒ Order this license if you want to install cPanel directly on your Dedibox
  • cPanel & WHM VPS (Virtual Private Server) ⇒ Order this license if you want use cPanel on a virtual machine (VMware vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi), Proxmox)

Getting started

Once the installation has been terminated, you can find a link to the administration panel in the control panel of your server:

Upon the first connection (with the user root and the password you have chosen during installation of your server), you will be ask to configure your cPanel and to accept the associated license.

During the first step, you will have to read and accept the usage conditions.
The button to accept them is on the left at the bottom.

The second step is to enter the basic information (Hostname, DNS servers, contact methods for alerts etc…)

In the third step you have to configure the network.
Here you will configure your additional IP address, if you have one.

As netmask you have to use:

The fourth step is to configure the DNS server (normally BIND).
If you don't require a special configuration, we invite you to keep the default setting.

During the fifth step you have to configure the mail server, the FTP server and the protections (Brute Force) of your server.
Again, if you don't require any special configuration we suggest you to keep the default settings.

The sixt step asks you if you want to use quotas.
Quotas allow you to limit the disk usage of your users on the server.

The last step is about the configuration of certain details of the hosting.
You may, for example, enable PHP-FPM to increase performances.

Once you have finished the configuration, click on “Save Settings”.

Changing the default language

By default cPanel uses English as language.
If you want to change it to a different language, for example French, you will find the procedure below:

In the menu on the left go to “Tweak Settings”

Now go to “System” in the horizontal menu

Scroll down just to the point where you can choose the language

Choose the language of your choise and click on “Validate”.

Your interface will now be shown in French.

More information

cPanel has a huge community, so there is a lot of documentation available.

We invite you to consult these resources to configure your services and to learn more about the product.