Installation via KVM on QuantaPlex servers

Installation of an ISO file

1. Go to the administration area in the management console of the server, then click von KVM over IP.

2. Click on Remote Control in the menu on the left to enter the Remote Control section.

3. Click on Launch KVM start the HTML5 KVM-over-IP interface:

4. Click on Browse File in the CD Image section and select your ISO file. Then click Start Media to connect the virtual CD ROM drive.

5. Reboot the machine by clicking on PowerPower Cycle Server.

6. During the boot process the logo of American Megatrends will be visible for some seconds, at this moment press F11 on your keyboard:

7. Select “AMI Virtual CDROM0 1.00” in the boot menu and press Enter on your keyboard:

8. The server loads the ISO image and you can proceed with the installation of your operating system: