Installation using the KVM Dell iDrac 9

Installation of an ISO file

Go to the administration area in the management console of the server, then click on IDRAC:

Once you are connected, you will see the following dashboard:

Click on Configuration ( 1 ) in the menu on the top, then Virtual Console ( 2 ) to enter the console tab. Click Launch Virtual Console ( 3 ) to launch the virtual console:

The virtual console displays. Click Connect Virtual Media :

Choose the image file to use for the virtual optical drive ( 1 ) and click Map Device ( 2 ). Once the device is mapped, click Close to exit the window:

Click on the Console Controls button, choose the Ctrl-Alt-Del keyboard macro and click Apply to reboot the server:

Press the F11 key on your keyboard during the boot process, to enter the Boot Manager:

The server starts into the Boot Manager, click on One Shot UEFI Boot Menu:

Select the Virtual Optical Drive to boot the server from the ISO image:

The server boots into the setup program of the OS and you can proceed with the installation: