Installation from the KVM DELL iDrac 8 DSS

In this documentation, you'll see how to MAP an ISO on your computer, as a Virtual CD Drive on your server Dell DSS.

This will allow you to perform a “custom installation” of your server.

Connect to iDrac

Start your iDRAC session from the management console:

Console / media

Once logged in, you will arrive at the following page. Click on Launch to start the virtual console:

A java applet needs to be downloaded now and executed, validate all messages of security. Once the applet has started you will be in the following environment:

You should see these tabs:

  • File: Allows you to take screenshots
  • View: Options for the view of the virtual console
  • Macros: Some pre-defined commands
  • Tools: Other options
  • Power: Boot, reboot of the server
  • Next boot: Different boot options
  • Virtual Media: The one that we are interested in
  • Help

Click on Virtual media and then click on Connect virtual media

Now click again on Virtual media and choose the virtual CD-ROM drive:

Choose your ISO image by clicking on Browse. Do not forget to map your ISO, otherwise you won't be able to boot on it.

Reboot the server and press F12 to enter the boot manager. Then select the virtual CD ROM drive.

Don't be worried if some lines about hardware initialization appear on your screen, this is normal.

Here you are, you can start your custom installation: