Installation using the KVM Dell iDrac 7

In this tutorial we explain how to mount an image from the NAS in IDRAC7 and to boot using the virtual media.

Go to the NAS of Online:

Click on an ISO image to see the required information to mount the image.

We will do an example with

In the iDRAC7 section get the “Image File Path”:


Once connected to iDrac click on “Attached Media” then go to “Remote file sharing”.

Enter the required information in IDRAC7 ⇒ “Remote file sharing” ⇒ “Path of the image file”.

Then click on “Connect”.

Go to the area “Properties” and launch the KVM.

Restart the server, and click “F11 Boot Manager”

Go into the menu “BIOS Boot Menu”

Select “Virtual CD” to boot the server from the ISO.

The server will now boot from the ISO image.